Sunday, November 27, 2005

liberals, conservatives, tax cuts, *sigh*

The chronic meta-commentary of the blogging world sort of gives me the creeps. That is not so much a criticism as a confession.

But I'm posting this here because the site referenced doesn't seem to allow comments, and hey, sometimes if you don't vent, you're liable to blow a valve. That's likely why most of us are here in the first place.

Trodwell over at RightThinkingPeople lends credence to a Toronto Sun article lamenting the lack of media criticism over the Liberal Party's proposed tax cuts, when tax cuts by the Conservative's usually draw fire.

Now, I'm no Liberal Party apologist. I enjoy seeing them taking a good ribbing as much as the next guy. But it is the fiscal circumstances surrounding such measures that make the difference.

Nobody hates tax cuts when they think that the social expenditures to which they are committed, or for which they are concerned, are being covered. Seeing as the Liberals are practically pissing money at the moment, the notion that anything important need go underfunded is far from anybodies mind. (That important things do go underfunded when they needn't, does in fact get criticized).

The realm or justification for potential concern isn't just remote. It is remote in the remotest way that things can ever possibly be remote. It's not just Pluto -- it is planets yet to be discovered in galaxies far, far away.

Every working person approves of tax cuts when they are assured that their priority concerns are being met.

Would Goldstein (or, by extension, Trodwell) care to revisit the social, political or fiscal climates under which such oh-so-woefully criticized Conservative tax cuts were put forward?

The New Democrats are proposing tax cuts under this federal economic environment, for [insert preferred vulgarity or religious verbiage here]'s sake.

From the closing remarks of the article:
Anyway, I'm still searching for liberal outrage over tax cuts
Keep searching. And in your contextual blindness, try not to knock over the lamp.

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